Suomi-englanti -kaksikielinen opetus

Suomi-englanti -kaksikielinen opetus




How to prepare for the 7th grade entrance exam? Here is some good advice!



What is the English line in HUYK?

English line is designed for those enthusiastic students of English who enjoy an English-speaking classroom, are keen on learning new vocabulary and appreciate a more challenging learning environment to beat the basic comprehensive school curriculum. It is our job in HUYK  to ensure that these students receive a good education in a broad range of subjects in English.



Who can apply?

The students are 12-16-year olds. They take an entrance exam in the spring (in 6th grade) in which their listening, reading, writing and grammar skills are tested in English. The same entrance exam is used to apply to all the English lines in different schools in Helsinki. The student must also show deduction and understanding of the text from its context. The test takes about two hours.



Which subjects will be taught in English?

The English taught subjects will vary each year. We have qualified English-speaking native Finns who make the learning environment bilingual in home economics, art and physical education. Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are taught in English in some grades depending on the course content and goals. Civics, Health Education and Geography will also be taught partly in English by a qualified teacher. The school also provides an extra English course each year to ensure a wide range of vocabulary and advanced oral skills at the end 9th grade.



How is school going different for the English line students?

English line students will quickly get used to listening to English in several classes every week. They are allowed to respond in English or Finnish in class. We make interesting local visits during grades 7-9 into English events in the capital area. The students may participate on a school trip to Cheltenham, England in 9th grade (in September) for a week. There will be several fundraising events before that. At the end of 9th grade the English line students will take part in HELIMUN (Helsinki International Model United Nations) for two days in Helsinki.



Why apply to the English line in HUYK?

The student will be part of a class that interact together well from the start. They are among peers who share the same goals. They make friends for life with people who will support them in their studies and help to build their confidence as an English speaker. Together they grow up to be responsible, independent and motivated individuals who have firm goals for their future studies and academic careers.